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Thread: Which mid-range jacket for a slim Jim?

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    Which mid-range jacket for a slim Jim?

    Hi all,
    With Christmas approaching I'm thinking maybe I should look at a nice new jacket. As I'm not yet doing any shooting or stalking it will mostly be used for walking the dog/wildlife watching and general outside stuff in the short term, but will need to perform as a stalking jacket as well when the time comes. I like the traditional style and I'm not too into camo patterns, like I say it will see more use dog walking, etc than hiding in bushes. Useful stalking/shooting features would be good though. The problem is I'm not a huge bloke, the few I've tried on have been quite big on me (5foot 9, probably a 38 chest and 30 waist). So if anyone can recommend a reasonable quality, inexpensive (say 150-200 max) jacket that suits my needs and fits a bit slimmer than some?

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    Stay away from Ridgeline whatever you do, deerhunter ram jackets are good and you can get them in plain green if you want, but search around for the best deals as I have seen big differences on price.

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    Thanks for that. I've been looking at the Deerhunter stuff, I was quite tempted by the Montana jacket. Good to hear they're recommended.
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    Stay away from Ridgeline whatever you do, deerhunter ram jackets are good and you can get them in plain green if you want, but search around for the best deals as I have seen big differences on price.

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    I'm in the same situation, most jackets dont go small enough. Alan paine jackets are the only ones ive found so far that arent enormous for a 36/38 chest. Harkila and Seeland small is simply too big so I wouldn't consider them

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    In my experience why waste your money on a purpose made stalking jacket? For me I've always gone for a quality waterproof type jacket and I then wear base and mid layers. A least then if you're too hot you can remove the outer and stay cool, put it on if it rains. I have several now and this works for me, much better than an all in one jacket.

    I recently bought a Karrimor waterproof jacket with 5 pockets, the fabric is silent enough for stalking and it cost me 35. Bargain, all I wear is base layer and a fleece, I then carry my Artkis rain shield in a pocket for another layer.
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    Take a look at the mil surplus options as well. I know you aren't keen on cammo but you could buy a normal inexpensive jacket for dog walking and get yourself a windproof smock of ebay for 10 - 15 for your stalking. Although the windproof smocks are most commonly found in the well known DPM or MTP cammo patterns they are also available, though less common, in olive green or black. You can wash some waterproofing into them and they become waterproof enough for most stalking needs, though not 100% waterproof. Not being 100% waterproof is an advantage on most days because it means you don't get wet from the inside whereas my experience is that all gore-tex causes some moisture build up. I have a few expensive gore-tex jackets but find I can often stay drier and warmer in my non-waterproof windproof smock.

    For really bad days add a mil surplus British or German gore-tex jacket (going up in price now but I paid 13 for mine though they seem to be about twice that now) and wear the gore-tex UNDER the windproof smock so you keep all your pockets etc. It is wearing the gore-tex under the windproof smock that is the trick that really makes this work as a clothing system.

    If you really have money burning a hole in your pocket then Arktis/Country Covers do the windproof smocks under a range of names, including a stalking smock, for around the 220 range. They are exactly the same basic design and will do the same job and you can have 20 of the mil surplus ones for the money but I have no doubt they will also do the job.

    It may not be exactly to your taste but I can't find a clothing system to beat it for lowland/woodland stalking and even Hebridean stalking (only an occasional day now and again) and fishing (probably 30 days per year). I'm probably out 100+ days in a normal year and the mil surplus stuff gets worn on at least 95% of those days and I only need to add the gore-tex layer on less than a handful of days with the windproof smock being the only jacket I wear the rest of the time.
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