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Thread: hi new here!

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    hi new here!

    Just joined.

    Been shooting a few years now.
    Started with the .177 airgun on rabbits,then onto .22 rimfire,then up to.223.
    I moved to scotland 5 years back,was there for a few years,met a some guys into deer stalking.
    Done the DCS 1 while living up there with BASC and just started DCS 2 this year.Maybe/hope to get on a syndicate when I've finished it.I have found the 6.5x55 sako 75 i am using to be excellent reloaded with 129 SST's !
    I also like a bit of pigeon shooting and vermin control.
    I also do a lot of target shooting (FTR),using the .308 out to 1000y,with a 30"bbl savage.


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    Hey there Mark,
    Im new to this site as of a few days ago(intro just below). I to am looking to one day be in a syndicate and also have a friend looking aswell. I have a couple of good leads so will keep you posted if your interested. My friend is based in Huntly and I am in Inverness. Otherwise good luck and welcome to the webb site. Kiwi

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    Welcome in, But you might have to lose the Airgun soon!

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    I did'nt have an airgun for years after getting a .22 rimfire, but found the need for one recently and got another.
    It does'nt get used much but there is always a need for a good airgun,near building,shooting pigeons up trees etc!
    Now I find i don't use the .22 having got a 17HMR.Everything changes!

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