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Thread: New member in Cumbria

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    New member in Cumbria

    Hello there, I'm Branch and live in Cumbria.

    I have shot from a young age, most things from vermin, clays and a bit on the range. I'm hoping to do a bit on the geese and duck this season as well as shadowing a friend to sponge some of his stalking knowledge. Which kind of led me here as I'm wanting to do a bit of stalking myself and am keen to learn.

    In my cabinet at present I have various shotguns, a Ruger .17hmr, a Brno .22, an X Bolt in .223 and am looking for a .243 which I'm thinking will be a Sako 85 when I stop being tight and put my hand in my pocket!.

    Im enjoying reading and learning a lot from this forum.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    A warm hiya to you mr Branch welcome and what a nice part of the country you reside in, I come on holiday twice a year up there you are very lucky indeed bazil

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    Thanks for the welcome gents, I have to agree I am very lucky to live in the surroundings I do.

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    Welcome from a fellow Cumbrian. Loads of info on here to plough through. Enjoy!

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