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Thread: Starlight Archer A Grade Gen 3 Tube

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    Starlight Archer A Grade Gen 3 Tube


    Starlight Archer Night vision add on Grade A
    Yes 100% genuine spotless crystal clear grade A Tube

    Less than 5 months old and used twice.

    With Firefly laser
    Plus Pentax 75mm lens for spotting
    plus 2x doubler lens for add-on to your rifle.
    plus 2 bayonet rings. If these don't fit simply add black electrical tape to your scopes eyepiece end.
    Plus carry bag.

    The Archer in grade A costs 3000
    the Pentax spotter lens costs 300
    Total 3300
    Details will be passed to Starlight who will confirm the tubes authenticity as a real Grade A tube. Plus they have agreed to put it under warranty in your name

    Posted Royal Mail Next Day special Fully insured or pick up in Northern Ireland

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    Interested in spotter lens if you want to split.

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