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Thread: How many rifles on FAC?

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    How many rifles on FAC?

    This may be a silly question to most, so bear with me!

    I am going for my FAC in the next few months. My question is how many rifles per calibre can you own on an FAC? With a SGC you can own (within reason) as many as you want (though more than 10 flags a concern with FLO's I think?)

    Is this the case with FAC's or is it one rifle per calibre?

    I don't need or want more than one, it is just out of interest...

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    My understanding is that each rifle (and moderator and spare barrel etc) has to be individually specified on your FAC, i.e. you have to apply for permission to acquire each item and you need to show "good reason" for each. This is quite different from the rules for a SGC where, as you rightly say, you can have as many as you like (with more than around ten triggering concerns!).

    You could have several rifles of the same calibre, but you would have to show good reason for each, which unless you are a collector, for example, might be difficult!

    If you're making a new application, you have to pay for it so although you think you only want one rifle, you never have too many so you might want to put down a couple of extras - something for deer (maybe one for small ones and another for large ones), something for foxes etc. You don't have to buy them all at once.



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    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for replying, that clears it up!

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    I went for .22lr, 243 and 270. Givesyou rabbits foxes and roe, abnd a big one for red/sika, That gives you a good arguement for all. It is all for the price of one when a variation is chargable. If you don't need in the 5 years of the licence you possibly loose the extras but at least they are there if you need them

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    Like Jim said - it's the same fee for one rifle or three. If you decided you wanted a 308 instead of a 270, say, that's a 1-for-1 variation which is free. Remember if you want a moderator, apply for it in the initial application.


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    I would like to apply for a 22LR, .243 and 30-06 for Reds...

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    Which police authority are you in. Maybe a local can advise you on what the Firearms dept like in your locality.There will be members in your area, Jim

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    I am in Hertfordshire.


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    I'm in Northern constabulary, we're spoilt

    1x 270
    3x 22lr
    1x .17hrm
    2x 3+ semi automatic shotguns

    and have room for 300wsm, 6.5 x 55, 22-250
    and mods for all rifles

    Like the advert says, cos I want to!

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    If you're unlucky like me then you'll have to identify the specific use for each and every firearm and state why no other of your already owned ones will satisfy the need:

    At present i have:
    1x Steyr SSG69 in 308 - stalking, vermin .
    1x CZ 527 in 223 - stalking, vermin and target shooting.
    1x Winchester mod70 in 22-250 - vermin (fox bashing).
    1x Accuracy International in 308 - target shooting (practical rifle)
    1x Schmidt Rubin in 7.5x55 swiss - target shooting (historic military)
    1x Marlin lever action in 45 long colt - target shooting (gallery rifle)
    1x Mauser 105 semi auto in 22lr - vermin and target
    1x Anschutz match 64 in 22lr - prone target shooting
    1x pederssoli old navy black powder pistol in .44cal - target shooting.

    No probs with owning shotguns - i've got about 9-10.

    I used to moan about Essex Police. I now realise just how fortunate i was. My current force is very much more 'itchy'.

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