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Thread: Krico rifles

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    Krico rifles

    does anybody have any experience of Krico rifles? i have seen a rather attractive one on guntrader and was wondering if anybody had any info. cheers

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    hi ,

    from what ive seen there not a bad bit of kit !

    a friend of mine has a stutzen in 270 a lovley woodland stalking rife , but being a stutzen and no mod it kicks like a mule

    cheers lee

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    Very nice rifles, well made and accurate I had one in 222 for around 15 years, only swapped as I moved to 22-250

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    Had a 243 stutzen a few years ago, good rifle. It was present from a client,my brother has it now and shots 4 or5 deer a year with it.
    Personally I don't like stutzens, although I had a fasination for a while
    I had a bit of trouble with accuracy but Dan l Fraser glass bedded the barrel and it shot fine after that

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    Have used my Krico for over 15 years now and very pleased with it. Mine is in .308 and is a relatively light rifle. Nice wood and good finish, with very slick bolt and smooth trigger pull. Mine has double triggers, the back one is used to 'set' the front trigger.

    Krico were a relatively small family owned german outfit, who went through some tough times and out of business at one stage, but now making a few top end rifles again. Their full bore rifles were never cheap to buy, so if you see a good one, it should be worth the money second hand.

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    I have a Krico 600 series [half stock] in .243 which I bought second hand as my first rifle over 12 years ago. I am very fond of it & find it handles well, is very nicely engineered & accurate - although it is a lightweight sporter profile barrel so on the range will 'string' shots as the barrel heats up, but for stalking this doesn't matter as the first & second shots shoot to the same point of impact from a cold barrel.
    Actually I really like it, & if the current modular 900 series are as well made then they must be very nice, however I have never tried one of these so can't comment on them.

    Regards, Tyke.

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