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Thread: Risk Assessment x2

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    Risk Assessment x2

    Hello gents,

    I'm knocking up a few risk assessment documents and wondered if anyone can help with either of the two below?

    1) Use of Quad / ATV

    2) Night shooting (Fox Control only)

    I know it may sound cheeky but please be assured I'm not wanting just to copy and change names and dates etc but rather to use for cross referencing what I have so far, and in turn produce a better RA.

    All of the spade work is done with templates etc, I'm more interested in seeing the various hazards/mitigation measures others have thought of when compiling their own documents compared to mine.

    If anyone would like to help it would be much appreciated, I only need the Quad and /or Night Shooting RA's

    Thanks all


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    Unless you're looking for generic it's all down to the individual at the time. Due diligence is the key unless it's site specific in which case you have to carry out a risk assessment every time you go out.

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    I do have a few specific Task RA's but need generic/basic formats for Quad and Lamping/Shooting

    These haven't been required up until now Jaeger, so yes, generic would suffice to bring to the table and these can be reviewed as a live document prior to pre-work tool box talk


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    Start with a method statement then use that compile your generic risk assessment from that. But remember elements risk/hazard change all the time, which is where the specific RA comes in with due diligence.

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    BASC had some generic info on Risk Assessments when I last looked at this. I suggest contacting BASC if you are a member. Regards JCS

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