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Thread: A brief introduction & 270 or 308?

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    A brief introduction & 270 or 308?

    Hello all. I am from the Highlands of Scotland and I have a woodland that I can shoot on. I would class myself as a beginner when it comes to stalking. I have shot for several years using a 22-250 for roe. I am looking to purchase a new rifle which would be capable of taking down a red and I would also use it for roe. The reason I will be purchasing a new rifle is becasue I share the 22-250 with my father and we only have one rifle which isn't capable of taking down a red. I am considering a 270 or 308. Do you have any thoughts?

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    Calibre is extremely user preference specific - both will do the job. What I would say is that 270 is far more similar in ballistics to your 22.250 than a 308 and you may find this an advantage if you swap regularly between rifles. I shoot all three and would pick 270 over 308 as an all round deer calibre - but as I said, this is my personal preference.
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    I have used most of the popular deer calibres over the years. I went from owning and using several in different calibres to just one for everything. The Win 270.

    It will do everything in the UK, not too much for the little stuff and ample for the big stuff.


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    I have both. I agree with the comments above. Personally if I was buying new I would get a .270 and if I was buying used I would buy a .308. It might be me being pedantic but it is very difficult to tell how much work a used rifle has done without a borescope and .308 is a safer investment from this point of view. I am also very careful when buying a used rifle that has been used with a moderator as depending on how it was looked after might mean corrosion at the muzzle end.

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