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Thread: 260 ackley imp

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    260 ackley imp

    Hi all, ive been looking at the reloading data for 260ai to find the velocities exceed my 6.5 06 , is this for real or am I doing something wrong,am I using wrong powder etc etc , i wound my loads back due to pressure signs

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    Perhaps not. The improved shape does not show pressures in a lot of cases so easily. Due the the way the improved case grips the chamber walls back thrust is reduced. Ackley removed the locking bolt from a Winchester lever action that he had chembered in one of his favourite Improved cartridges and shot it with no bolt locking bolt with no problems.

    Try that with a normal case!

    ​In the Improved case the pressure is there but it's handled differently so to speak.

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    My mate has a 260 and he runs his on 42grs of n560, another chap in our club has a 260ai and runs his with 2grs more and I think both were on there limit and are nowhere near these velocities
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