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Thread: 26 Nosler - The Barrel Burner of Burners!

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    26 Nosler - The Barrel Burner of Burners!

    Check this out! The 26 Nosler, 75-80 grains of powder to make a 130 grain bullet go 3400 fps! (I am hearing its a .375 Ruger necked down!)

    November 22, 2013


    THE 26 NOSLER®

    Bend, Ore. – November 22, 2013 – Like many shooting enthusiasts, the Nosler family has always dreamed of introducing a new rifle cartridge to the industry; that time is finally here with the arrival of the 26 Nosler®.

    The goal of the new 26 Nosler® cartridge was to introduce something to the shooting sports industry that took full advantage of new technology available to shooters including the advance of optics, reticle systems and of course high Ballistic Coefficient (B.C.) bullets such as the AccuBond® Long Range™ line. The old boundaries are about to be pushed to new limits.

    The 26 Nosler® cartridge was designed to take advantage of the inherently accurate and high B.C. 6.5mm (.264) caliber bullets, and is capable of shooting the Nosler® 129 grain, AccuBond® Long Range™ bullet at a blazing 3400 fps out of the muzzle. Zeroed at 350 yards, the 26 Nosler® has a Point Blank Range of 0-415 yards. Loaded with the 129gr ABLR, the 26 Nosler® retains as much velocity at 400 yards as the 260 Remington® produces at the muzzle.

    The 26 Nosler® case is non-belted, thus headspaced off of the shoulder to further enhance accuracy. The “26” also utilizes a standard (30-06) length action meaning shorter bolt-throw and lighter weight than magnum length actions.

    “I really feel the 26 Nosler® has great value amongst the large family of 6.5mm cartridges. With minimal recoil, tremendous velocity, energy and the ability to point and shoot at the intended target up to a quarter mile away, this is the quintessential deer, antelope and long-range target cartridge available on the market today.” –Bob Nosler, CEO/President Nosler, Inc.

    The 26 Nosler® is a new and unique cartridge that was submitted to SAAMI® in June, 2013. The formal launch will take place at the 2014 SHOT Show where more exciting news will be released regarding this cartridge. Additional announcements will include Nosler’s new platform rifle, in addition to exciting new bullet, brass and ammunition offerings.

    For the most current information on Nosler product announcements, visit Nosler’s Facebook.
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    I`ll bet you will NEED a 26" minimum barrel length too.

    ​I have always been a fan of the 264 Win mag myself and its considered a bb..the nosler above might just melt them.
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    I need that like another hole in my arse....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Haven't they ever heard of the 6.5x68? Or perhaps they just thought "which calibre did Weatherby miss?" without looking any further..

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    130gr at 3400....
    just get a long barrel for your .270!!

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    A solution looking for a problem methinks.
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    Its called American Magnumitis!!...and good marketing! I mentioned the 6.5x68 (It was even chambered on a Weatherby Sauer) on the Weatherby Nation forum and I got scolded!

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    That should get to grips with those pesky downland fallow!

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    Another cartridge to fill increasingly narrow niches, it seems like there's a new cartridge announced every week. As was previously pointed out, the 6.5X68 and 264 WM have been around for a long time and I don't think they've set any sales records. I predict it will go by the wayside before long......... and yes , I know I sound like an old fart.

    AB the old fart

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    Quote Originally Posted by M275 View Post
    Haven't they ever heard of the 6.5x68? Or perhaps they just thought "which calibre did Weatherby miss?" without looking any further..

    McWhorter Custom Rifles in Albany Georgia came out with what they call a 6.5mm Weatherby Mag . It's the 270 Weatherby case necked down !

    The 6.5x65mm RWS should fall about in the same category !

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