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Thread: Sea trout fishing questions

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    Sea trout fishing questions

    I mostly fish for brown trout in Scottish lochs. I also occasionally fish for salmon and although I don't consider myself a salmon angler, and know nothing about it, I'm lucky enough to fish on Lewis and so I catch what many might consider a lot of salmon for the few days per year that I devote to it.

    However, I have access to a little spate river in the Hebrides which, I'm told, gets a good run of sea trout and this year I might put my mind to catching a few, or at least trying to. I've had a previous bad experience of sea trout fishing in the Hebrides on a loch with a friend who took 22 fish for the day to about 5lb and I had, well, one about 6 inches long. :-)

    I have the Hugh Falkus book, a limited intellect, and a few sea trout flies on order including some of the medicine/sunk lure/floating lure/secret weapon type that i consider to be "big" in keeping with the recommendations in the book. In a break with tradition I don't wish to use a net or a handgrenade.

    So, is the info in the Falkus book still considered worthwhile? Is it worth fishing the flies he suggests in a small spate river in the Hebrides? Will fish actually move on such a small river even in low water? Is it actually necessary to fish at night? Any other hints and tips? (Can you tell that I know nothing at all about this?)

    For reference here are some photos of the river, in fairly low water, just to give an idea:

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    I've caught about 4 sea trout worth the name (plus innumerable finnock fresh of the tide).

    none of them were caught while actually trying to catch sea trout.

    One came to a grayling bug trundled along the bottom. 2 came to Ally's shrimps while trying for salmon. One came to a sedge dry fly. All in broad daylight in a spate river.

    So I have absolutely nothing useful to say other than that sea trout are confounding little bugg*rs who seem to defy all conventional wisdom.

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    fish in the darkest of dark nights...cast at 45 and let it swing with the flow..size of lure depends of colour and depth of the water...cast and step down cast and step down...simples and then hold on seatroot are proper figters..

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    The Hugh Falkus books approach to sea trout fishing is an excellent start and reference,and the majority of the flies can be used,which are in fact larger versions of brown trout flies.Teal Blue n Silver,Peter Ross,Bibio,Diawl Bach etc,the only thing that changes is the technique involved,to adopt to your particular river.
    I have witnessed sea trout move through literally inches of water,almost a damp carpet is enough,and that river looks like such a river.

    Secondly,fishing at night all depends on the conditions,and pardon the pun can be very hit n miss.I strongly believe the actual reason a majority of anglers fail to catch at night is not down to a lack of ability,it's just the conditions to catch these silver bullets have to be 100% to taget them at night.

    The slower moving pools would be ideally left unitil dark,using a intermediate line,or a sink tip.
    My two methods would be to cast slightly upstream,mend,then as the line bring it self around and in line with the bank,there of the slowest figure of 8's.
    The other way I've had sucess is to again,cast out slightly upstream,mend thenstrip the flies back as fast as you can.

    You can leave the better pools and try during the day with bushy bob flies,or deer hair flies,or using the method above.

    In any case,my two fly approach usually consists of a tube on the point,and a smaller single on the dropper.

    That looks like some of the rivers I fish,and you could literally jump across.I've cought plenty of sea trout out of such rivers.
    I have targeted them at nigh,and cought them in the day.
    We have a small inland loch on Anglesey,with a feeder stream,and that is full of sea trout,not big fish,2lb er's being specimen,but I catch them in the traditional loch style manner,fishing a team of flies,and fishing the ripple.

    Hope that helps.

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    caroch pm me your address and I will send you a selection of tubes to try .

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    I tie all my sea trout flies as sparsely as I can. Medicine, Teal, Blue and Silver et al. Experiment as well. Swap the silver tinsel for gold, and change the hackle to orange. Also, I never tie any of sea trout flies with a tail. Tight lines

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conor1 View Post
    I tie all my sea trout flies as sparsely as I can. Medicine, Teal, Blue and Silver et al. Experiment as well. Swap the silver tinsel for gold, and change the hackle to orange. Also, I never tie any of sea trout flies with a tail. Tight lines

    I like gold too, fantastic in a stoats tial, tied on a long shank hook but kept short to the eye, deadly for the "first half"

    I know some top welsh sewin fishers and have been slowly converted to snake flies with a mono or braided core body, some argue they are only complicated tubes but the action can be fantastic and if it gives confidence then go for it.

    Love seatrout fishing but like women, they are fickle bloody creatures!

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    lewis sea trout!!! stuff of dreams , try fishing edge of dark and see can you find a specific fly ' blue elver ' tis a great fly for up there i can speak from experience
    a barony original

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    Sea trout fishing is easy peasy!

    ​It's catching the bu&&ers that is hard.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    During the day try fishing a Klinkhammer for sea trout - wonderful sport!

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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