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    I am out of fed match gold primers and ive got to switch over to cci br primers, am I likely to see any differences in my hunting or 1000yd target loads.

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    I would say, hunting no. 1000yds, possibly. You'll only really know by running the loads over the chrono.
    I was in my local shop today looking for 210M's. None in stock....

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    I went to sportsman at dorset the other week, they didnt have any fed match golds and had the last 300 cci br primes they had, my local shop hasnt had any for quite a while

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    My shop said they now have so much stuff on 'back order' they've lost track. Didn't seem to think there will be any Fed's in any time soon.

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    Hunting loads, nothing noticeable at normal stalking ranges.

    You don't say what calibre but if it'll stretch to 1000yds then chances are it's a relatively large case capacity and as ignition rate may alter internal ballistics so yes it probably will make a difference. However, given the variables encountered at 1000 yards i'd say your sighting shots will sort you out so not to worry about chrono testing etc.

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    Wouldn't worry in that case, variables such as temperature, humidity and wind more likely to have a greater effect on external ballistics and hence where the first sighting shot goes (yes wind direction and speed does influence trajectory for those who are thinking "wtf??") and once you've got that one plotted you should be able to get the next one pretty much where it should be.

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    I have few Fed 210m's if a few hundred will help you out your more than welcome.
    PS Only thought this may help as you either live reasonably close to the Dorset SGC or visit on occasion?
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    Next time I pass that way I will pm you, thank you very much for you offer, atb swaro

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    Having the same problem can't find the 210 match primers so gone with the standard federal 210. Not done a chrono but seem accurate enough over 100 yds

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