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Thread: Budget bins

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    Budget bins

    Does anyone have any experience of using Minox BV 8x42 in the field? I'm thinking of getting a pair and as I'm on a budget I thought these might be the best for my spends. Cheers........

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    I picked up a 2nd hand pair for a mate for 60 quid, for the money very good

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    Now, rush out and buy the bins you first thought of and then edit your original post to say you have done it.

    Only by doing this will you avoid the torrents of well meant (and some malicious) advice that you really need to spend 2780 on the latest Germaustriczech wundermaschinen with laser strawberry slicers.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    I'd love a pair of 2k Svaro's. However, until winning the lottery (which I don't enter), the second-hand Minox 8x42 picked up for 110 from another forum member having seen my mentor use them, are working out a treat. Including at first light for the first time this morning.

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    I have the minox, they are great.

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    Minox punch way, way above their weight. They don't quite have the field of view and edge to edge sharpness that you pay an extra 2k for with the big money/big marketing budget brands but I honestly believe that they deliver in the key areas that stalkers need which is to say you can see far away stuff really well and you can see stuff in low light really well. I have Minox HGs and in low light they are the equal of the big name brands that I've had a chance to test them against and its long gone past being wise to shoot before they can no longer see deer for me.
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    Plenty of FML Minox fanboys on here but it must be said that Minox HG are well above the OPs budget and a much higher spec than the Minox BV.

    In Troyboy's price range there is a choice and to be realistic the Minox BV spec., for the money, is looking a little dated. Although the field of view is narrower I bought a pair of Vanguard Spirit ED 8x42 in preference to the Minox BV 8x42 BR, having tried them side by side, better build quality, better coatings & ED glass, very good low light performance. Lots of eye relief. Lenses have an external HydroGuard hydrophobic coating which actually works. Very good smooth and fast focusing, nice handling, and far lighter. Value is what you think it is and for me a good buy with the limited lifetime warranty, despite the fussy strap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    hey don't quite have the field of view and edge to edge sharpness that you pay an extra 2k for
    years of drinking and "recreational" abuse mean my eyes are neither as clear or as crisp to the edge.....2k on bins isn't going to change that!!

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    For a pair of really good budget binos try the Barr & Stroud Skyline 8x42s that come in the "dummies guide to bird watching" if you can find them (no kidding!). Really good quality for under 100 (I'd be happy with them had I spent over double).

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    I have a pair of Minox bins and also a pair of Hawke frontier 8x36. There is very little to choose between them and they do everything I need them to do. Well worth a look.

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