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Thread: How do you rate your Firearms Dept?

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    How do you rate your Firearms Dept?

    I am with Grampian and have found them to offer superb service with a smile. I am 43 and have 20+ years experience and own the land I shoot on. I have Dsc 1. They treat my requests promptly and accept my reasons for ownership almost without question. I'd give them 5 out of 5.
    Without wanting to prejudice anyones current relations with their forces, if you feel comfortable with the idea how do you rate your constabulary F.O.

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    Northern Constabulary = Excellent, I've just been granted my RFD, can't fault them!

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    norfolk are good , but so short staffed and there for bloody slow ! must not grumble they granted me a section 5

    cheers lee

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    Devon & Cornwall are pretty good on renewals, but apply for a variation
    I don't understand how a like for like can take weeks to process:-Bruno .243 for a Sako.243 (and it came back eventually without the mod. on it). Mind, this was back in 2001, things may have improved a bit since then. Cheers, Pete.

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    North Lanarkshire, the land that Summer forgot.
    i'm with Strathclyde, turn around time is quick, ammunition allowance seems tighter than other areas, however I have an open FAC and 2 different calibres. SGC was quick as well.

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    Strathclyde are well staffed and therefore paperwork is dealt with quickly. However they are very much more awkward than my last force, Essex and some of their restrictions are just stupid. I had to argue just to keep my firearms and ammunition allowances, already awarded by Essex.


    1. I have a mate who can buy 25 rounds of 22lr and keep 30. Who the hell can buy half a box of 22lr???

    2. Don't bother asking for boar on your ticket as they don't recognise their existence. After laughing i asked about the ones that i've seen around dumfries and galloway. The responce was that they are obviously hairy pigs (not boar) that have only just escaped a farm!

    The girls in the dept seem fair and keen to help but whoever dictates their policy does not have shooter's interstes at hart. I hear the dept. manager, Lilly retires this year so it will be interesting to see how this effects the dept and the service received. My area FO has always seemed a fair bloke.

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    I'm with Strathclyde and have been waiting for 8 weeks now for my FAC. It would be great to buy a rifle before Christmas....


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    i find wiltshire constabulary to be pretty good,

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    Cheshire, one minute you can be in a world of hurt, next thing a miracle.

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