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Thread: Testing the water, Air Armss410 package

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    Testing the water, Air Armss410 package

    Just testing the water at the moment, but thinking of selling my air rifle.
    its a sub 12ft/lbs Air Arms s410. The action is in great condition, but a while ago i put it in an older beech stock that's a bit dented from field use (just me being picky mentioning this as the rifle overall is in great condition). It has sports match 1" mounts on it and a scope (old hawke scope which tbh is in bad shape). Rifle comes with weirauch silencer and adapter.
    From a fill you get 70 consistent shots at just under 12 ft/lbs.
    I have a 3 ltr 300bar bottle with hose and charging adapter I could sell with it
    I also have a stirrup pump I could sell with it
    I also have a few bits that will probably go with it like pellets, cleaning kit (Napier pull through) chronograph etc.

    any ideas as to the value of the above? Looking to sell as I don't seem to use it anymore, andto help financing a new .308!!!
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    I can put pictures up if anyone's interested in the rifle but don't want to waste my time if there's no interest!

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