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Thread: My first day stalking

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    My first day stalking

    Hi all

    I just thought you guys would like to know i had my first day out stalking yesterday on one of the estates that is local to me.

    I met the guide (chris) at 1pm, had a cuppa and a chat before we move on the the range. on to range, he said to fire 3 shots on to the target at 100m, not a problem all 3 shots within 1" to 1"1/2 group, but were high right, re-adjust the sight and one shot later and it was bang on bulls eye

    Once off the range we travelled for a couple of miles to some fields, sugarbeat and the like, and on one of the fields were around 7 roe, mix between does and bucks, we started out on the walk which was quite a way well it seem it being on my belt buckle most of the way ( brought back some of my military training lol), anyway we got within 150m of them and sat an observed for a while, to decide which one to take. we decided and then moved for a clearer shot, at which time we noticed a sprayer heading towards where we were, he spoted us and knew why we were there, he went the other way for us, but he did spook the roes, anyway we moved a bit closer, but they got spooked again and decided to run, we sat for a while to watch what they done, they ran stopped looked and stopped and kept doing this until we lost sight of them. so no luck on that attempt

    We headed back to the vehicle to more on to another area, we parked up got sorted and headed out, the walk seemed to last ages, anyway we came across this field, which was stubble with 2 spinnys on and there was a couple roe out on it. we crawled into position sat and watched for a while, while waiting for it to present me the prime shot, it turned broadside on and i squeezed the trigger of the .308, it ran for a short distance before it slumpped to the ground, i had reloaded ready to take the other roe out, but that had ran round the back of the spinny, we moved out to check the one that was shot and that, and then went to see if we could find the other, we found it i got set on the stick, as it had stopped on the field looking at us, just as i was about to fire it decided to run, so we left it.

    we moved on from this area on another walk which seemed miles again into some forestry, walking about and the guide spotted a muntjac in the vegitation, it hadnt seen us, i set up on the sticks, and again squeezed the trigger and it was down, the distance was about 80m.

    Anyway this was my first outting and im chuffed to **** on the outcome, i think im hooked as i have booked some more outtings. FAC is going to be in the post soon.

    Heres the pics ( i hope these work)

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    Nice one mate keep up the go work.


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    nothing like your first deer well done

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    well done that man , may they be the first of many

    cheers lee

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    Nice one Andy, it does sound like a pretty good day!

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    nice one or two mate


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    Well done - looks like you've caught the bug!

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    welldone m8

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    well done

    all the best ash

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