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Thread: Anybody else got a Browning maral?

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    Anybody else got a Browning maral?

    Has anybody experience of one of these.
    I have just had a local gun shop ask me to take one on my next pig trip.
    Its in .300 win mag.
    I have seen it and worked it in the shop but waiting for my paperwork to come before I pick it up.
    Looks the dogs danglies I must say.

    I really like this system.
    Larger mags are available in coming months as the last ones had issues.
    Its had a picatinny rail fitted so will take my 1.5-6x42 varipoint my red dot or anything else.
    Also has battue opens as standard and grade 3 wood as well as a travel case, which when the stock is removed the rifle fits in there snug.
    Well thought out i'd say, we'll see soon.

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    I've had a couple of shots with one in .30-'06. I quite liked it and probably a good option if you do a lot of pig shooting.

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    I tried one, the trigger was absolute gash but the concept was OK.

    Personally I would prefer a Blaser, Merkel or Strasser buy hey if its for free who am I to complain.

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    Interesting rifle. Didn't Browning have a similiar rifle a few years back,only it was just a straight pull. If I remember right it was called the Acera, but I could be wrong. This rifle looks to have a lot of basic components of the BAR, but would get around any legal restrictions on semi-autos. Very cool


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    You will need to keep us updated John, I was also looking at them but cant make my mind up between the Blaser, Strasser and the Maral. I still have my X-Bolt in 300 win mag and like it fine for the larger stuff, but feel a 1 4 1 coming on soon.

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    I have just bought a Maral in 30-06, the wood is stunning.
    The standard rifle comes with grade 3 wood but I am sure mine is probably a bit better than that.
    There seems to be a shortage of 'scope mounting options as both pre-drilled holes are the same width apart and the action housing profile is different from most 'ordinary' rifles so no commonly available, like Warne or Leupold, mounts will fit.
    I have stripped mine down and the front housing, enclosing the action, is certainly very similar to the Browning BAR, probably introduced to be marketed in countries where semi-autos are forbidden.
    As JR said, it comes with a nice ABS lockable case with apartments for not only the rifle but also an apartment for a 'scope and various other little bits and pieces.
    There is also two flush sling swivels with allen key , a spare rear sight, a Browning trigger lock and a spare stock spacer should you have long arms and require a longer stock.
    The fore sight is highly visible so it could quite easily be used as an open sighted rifle, which is what I would think was it's main intended purpose by the manufacturers.
    I am still investigating 'scope mounting options at the moment so have not used it on Deer.
    I can see it's self closing action may be a problem when stalking Does where more than one animal may need to be taken, as the closing noise may be heard above the sound of the moderator.
    I am reliably told that the new ones coming into the country now are already threaded with a 14 x 1 thread and thread protector,for a forward mounting moderator.
    I am certainly looking forward to using it occassionally on Deer during the year but my main reason for buying it was for driven Boar during the November to January season.
    I hope I have something good to report later.
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    OMG is that ugly!!! How do you say "browning with a japanese accept?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MARCBO View Post
    OMG is that ugly!!! How do you say "browning with a japanese accept?SS
    Beauty is in the eye of ther beholder my friend, the same way as I would never dream of telling you what I thought of your wife/girlfriend as it would probably be entirely different to your idea
    Incidentally, the components for this are made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal so I don't think the Japanese accent comes into it at all - this time

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    I've played with one...

    For someone who lives in a country that bans semi-automatic weapons, does a lot of battue hunting and who does not like the lever action platform, I suppose it's okay...

    However, two things are readily apparent whenever I play with any of these new straight pull "bolt actions"...

    First, I can work a traditional bolt action extremely fast. Fast enough that it would not be a factor in how many boars I would cull in a driven hunt nor would it effect my ability to get a second shot off on a solitary game animal.

    Second, If I wanted ultimate speed without resorting to a semi-auto I would look at lever actions. If I wanted to use pointed bullets I would look at the BLR.

    The Maral, IMO does nothing that the BLR already does and does other things less well.

    I love bolt actions, but I also love lever actions for the bush. Either platform can be fast with practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    Incidentally, the components for this are made in Belgium and assembled in Portugal so I don't think the Japanese accent comes into it at all - this time
    Gents and all, I must apologise profusely, what is stated on the side of the barrel is 'Made for FN Belgium' not made in as I first thought, so you are probably correct in saying that the components were made in Japan as are most other Browning components.
    Regardless, I still like my new rifle.

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