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Thread: to sell or not to sell??

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    to sell or not to sell??

    hi,i wonder if anybody can give me some guidance,i have recently been asked to shoot a few red deer hinds that are causing havoc on a neighbours reseeding,all going well and everything goes to plan we should shoot about 5,as there will be a couple left over once we divide the spoils,a local pub landlord has asked us if we would be willing to sell him the remainder of the hinds,is it legal for me to do this?is there any licences i need or certificates with health and safety once they go into the food chain?many thanks

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    Many on here have the two initial hygiene certs as a matter of course, but I would be dis inclined to do what you suggest without one of your number being so qualified,& present at the cull, you may also have a local problem with your landlord, does he have total control on his premises or might he have a lease with difficulties arising from it re the food?, A good starting point would be a phone call to your local hygiene people & trading standards, I know it sounds like a real pain, but it's your arse in the sling if anything went wrong.

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    As I understand it, you are not legally allowed to sell deer carcasses at all unless you have completed the Large Game Handling Certificate and obtained a 'Trained Hunter Number'. Most stalkers seem to do this as part of their non-compulsory Deer Management Qualification Level 1 although you can just do the hygiene course on its own in a day. Once you have this, you are only able to sell deer carcasses in the skin to a Licensed Game Dealer; you are not allowed to sell (or give) carcasses into the food chain via any other route. Many people report that LGDs don't ask for a tag or number - that's up to them but you're the one at the end of the supply chain!

    All carcasses supplied to a game dealer should be accompanied with a completed game tag, stating your name, trained hunter number, location of cull, carcass weight etc and a statement from you about the health of the deer observed pre and post cull (following inspection of the pluck and entrails).

    If you want to supply carcasses shot by you or any kind of processed venison outside the above route - e.g. directly to a resaurant or pub landlord - you will need to register as a Food Business Operator (FBO) with your local Council and have your premises inspected by an Environmental Health Officer to ensure they meet the appropriate standards for food preparation. You'd still need the Trained Hunter number though and I believe as a small FBO, you are restricted to supply within your local area - although this seems to cover your county plus it's neighbours, plus any internet sales!

    The idea, like it or not, is that all venison entering the food chain must now be traceable back to the person who pulled the trigger. The hunter is responsible for ensuring that the deer is healthy enough for consumption, gralloched and lardered with due attention to hygiene, stored at an appropriate temperature etc before being either sold to a LGD or further processed under appropriate conditions by the hunter prior to sale.

    I expect I've missed some critical detail and someone will put me right, but the above just about covers it - you can't sell the deer you cull directly to the landlord unless you are a LGD or have registered as an FBO. You can't sell the carcasses to an LGD unless you have a trained hunter number.

    Hope this helps.


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    Sounds like you just about nailed it Ad

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    Adam, that's a clear and concise reply - very helpful.
    Here's a hypothetical question:- As a certified trained hunter with DSC1, am I allowed to supply to the public if my venison is processed by a butcher on licensed premises? i.e, I pay Butch to prep the carcass, it comes back to me and I sell it on.
    Cheers, Pete.

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    As I understand it, no you couldn't do this without still going through the process of registering as a Food Business Operator and having compliant premises - your local Council would still want to know that meat and meat products you supplied were being stored properly by you, that your premises were clean and hygiene standard-compliant etc. Each element of the food supply chain - which you'd be part of - must meet the relevant standards to maintain traceability and minimise contamination risk.

    I know most of us draw a distinction between selling their venison and giving it away to friends and relatives, but the Food Standards Agency and other statutory bodies don't. As the 'nut behind the butt', it is now the case that we stalkers are responsible for the meat that originates with us, like it or not!


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    Adam, thanks for clarifying that. I'll stick to eating it myself or sending it to the LGD.
    All I've got to do now is shoot something
    Cheers, Pete.

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    The LGD is bound by the same rules. Unless you have a trained hunter status with the food hygeine number, ie same number as the DSC L1 or another issued when you did a hygeine course he cannot accept them. As has been explained. You must be trained to handle the carcase and the observations begin before you pull the trigger. I suspect you have not done such a course otherwise this should have been explained on the course. Gralloching, handling, lardering, and inspections have to be carried out and certified by you before the dealer takes the carcase,

    I would advise everyone who has not done so in Scotland to sign up for Best Practice. Novice and expert alike the manual is a looseleaf folder with laminated pages and a mine of information. The 7.00 was worth it for the manual alone,

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p
    I suspect you have not done such a course otherwise this should have been explained on the course. Gralloching, handling, lardering, and inspections have to be carried out and certified by you before the dealer takes the carcase,
    Certificate No 9853 issued on 11th November 2005

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    Downwind, I am referring to Mr Kipling. Sorry for the misdirecton re posts

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