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Thread: third eye spartan sound mod

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    third eye spartan sound mod

    for sale is my third eye tactical spartan sound moderator.

    Not the the quietest out but fine for stalking, fairly light weight, aluminum,very well made.

    Comes with two bushes 17.65 and 17.40mm and the take apart tool, a few scratches and dings but nothing that affects function.
    .30 baffles but on my ticket as a .243.

    Probably less than 250 rounds though it


    will rfd at cost

    All the best


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    forgot to say 1/2" unf

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    Yeah I'd like a pic too if poss?

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    I have one of these and think its great, it's had over 1000 rounds through it, a mix of 222 and 25-06 and it still looked in really good condition internally last time I cleaned it. It looked crap on the outside after being banged about and dropped but I covered it with a length of bike inner tube and it looks great again.


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    Could you send to my local RFD? If so how much?

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    moderator for life as you can replace any of the parts if you ever need too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian.H View Post
    Could you send to my local RFD? If so how much?
    I'm guessing about 20 at my end if more i'd be prepared to make up the difference

    so 20


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