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Thread: 22-250 Ackley Improved ?

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    22-250 Ackley Improved ?

    I have a 22-250 rifle with a standard chamber and a worn out throat.

    I am proposing to cut the breech end of the barrel and rechamber it in either standard 22-250 Rem or 22-250 Ackley Improved.

    Can anyone advise about the Ackley version?

    Is the Ackley version noticeably more accurate than the standard version?

    I would prefer to use Barnes 53gr TSX and Nosler 60gr Partition bullets. The barrel has a 1 : 14" twist and will stabilise these bullet types.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have owned the 22-250 AI and can say but one thing about it: Not worth the effort.

    It is no more accurate than the chambering you now have and will give you a negligible increase in velocity.

    The AI case has a 9.4% in case capacity over the standard 22-250. This will, at best, offer a 2.3% increase in velocity but that is no guarantee. My AI flattened primers with standard 22-250 loads.

    A question about your current rifle? How many rounds through it? I'm assuming you've adjusted seating depth, etc? If the throat is really shot, setting it back a turn will do wonders. I've done it many times myself.~Muir

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    Ive run a 22-250 AI for seven or eight years, with a 8 twist barrel, its my primary foxing rifle using 75g A-Max.

    I have shot in the order of 3000+ rounds through mine and there is no real throat erosion but some firecracking beyond the throat area (I have a borescope)

    It (mine) is extremely accurate from when it was made and has remained so.

    I built mine to fire heavy for calibre bullets not for speed.

    I am running mine in the region of 3000 fps with the A-Max.

    Personaly I would question wether its worth paying a gunsmith to set back your barrel and re-chamber with the AI version.

    Primary reason is cost - you will be paying at least 250 plus proof for this as it incurs almost as much work as re fitting a new barrel.

    Un less you can do it yourself of course.

    Secondly - if the throat is so worn, then I would hazzard a guess that the rifling for several inches beyond the throat will be firecracked and worn.

    Why pay decent money on a old and potentially worn out barrel, get a new one fitted.

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    Ive shot a 22.250 ackley for about 6 years.It has a 26 inch 1-14 hart barrel it shoots 52grain a max at 3950fps with 42.5grains of h380 and groups in the .2s all in all a good round. If you don`t want to fireform cases try a .220 swift.
    cheers sean

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    But here's what I'm saying. From a standard 22-250 I used to get 3800 fps with a 52 grain Sierra using IMR 4895 from a 24 inch barrel. The Ackley gave me no advantage,~Muir.

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