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Thread: For Sale Tikka M65 30-06

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    For Sale Tikka M65 30-06

    I am selling a Tikka M65 in 30-06. It has been re-barrelled with a Border Archer stainless barrel. I have shot approx 200 rounds through it. It is on a lovely bit of timber with a reblued action and polished trigger. It comes with the steel removable magazine and is screwed (15 x 1 with spiggot) complete with a T8 mod. With on overall length of 40 inches it is a compact stalking rifle.

    475.00 It be can sent to your RFD if required.

    I have had two people want this and then find out they don't due to the barrel length. I had hoped that saying it is "compact" and overall only 40 inches would have been enough. The barrel length from bolt face to crown is 20 inches. I hope this clarifies.

    It is stil for sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie12 View Post
    Pm sent

    PM answered

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    Sold pending usual, funds and sign over to Grandhubert

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    A bit of confusion with Grandhubert. The rifle is still for sale....

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    My fault entirely, it's lovely rifle.

    Apologies to the OP.

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