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Thread: time for level2

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    time for level2

    well guys, i have decided it is time to do the dsc2. Any recomendations or views.


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    Don`t be tempted to rush through it, just take your time and don`t get stressed out.
    I did mine over an 18 month period in 2000, it dosn`t look good to your assessor if you do all your stalks over 1 weekend.

    With the portfolio, you should have got a list of accredited witnesses, look for one in your stalking area, unless you have got a mate who is accredited and can do it for you, as this will cut down on any costs that you could occur by someone tavelling to you, bairing in mind he or she can only charge you costs, eg travel, accomodation, or stalking fee on there ground, all the better if you have your own.

    You only need one acredited witness with the other two being done by credible witnesses for e.g, them having done their level 2.

    Good luck Steve


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    Hi Swampy,
    Like you I have decided to get it done, Not that I think it is going to make anybody a better stalker, but the trend looks to be more and more that we are going to need to have it in the future.
    I have been looking and posted a serach on the this site, but there is so many offering the service at varying costs, word of mouth must be the best bet.
    I had a nice guy PM me offering to assess me and he lives close and I would like to do one with him but I was advised to get three seperate assessments.
    Is this how you see Swampy



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    Re: time for level2

    Quote Originally Posted by swampy
    well guys, i have decided it is time to do the dsc2. Any recomendations or views.

    Yes don't bother, save your money. If you're not a FA stalking tenant, there is no need for you to do it. If you want to improve your deer knowledge and understanding of management policies etc do the BDS Advanced Stalkers course.

    DSC2 is just an even greater money making con than DSC1 ever was or will be.

    You might want to read this thread before making up your mind.

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    Smithp18, Swampy,

    I like wadashot took my level 2 some years ago. I took all my stalks with the same AW over a period of time , over different ground. Good luck with your quest, do not be daunted with what lies ahead. Just do what you do.


    This is the second time that you have made reference to threads on the deertalking both threads by Mannlicher Stu! Is this you? I ask this as you are both as negative as one another.

    Sorry for being so direct.

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    As a professional stalker and a holder of level 1 and 2 i will offer to witness within reason anyone who is working towards their Level 2, no charge, except for fuel, and travelling expenses.

    But I am not driving 200 plus miles so anywhere within the Kent, Sussex and Essex area.

    Now how about some one else offering to help !!

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    No need to apologise for being direct. I prefer direct that way you at least know where you are.

    No I'm not Mannlicher Stu. Negativity has nothing to do with it. Telling it like it is does. A characteristic that I admire in the man.

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    Go on, I will volunteer to be a credible witness as well, so long as it can be fitted in on my days off, but don`t have my own ground anymore so will have to do it on yours.
    I would travel a while, maybe around the Yorkshire/Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire area, for the cost of fuel.

    It`s up to you but the offers are there.


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    Well done Wadders. Well what about some of you other "Stalkers".

    PS you dont need to part of a "Clique"

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