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Thread: Besponder 10-40x50SFE now on ebay

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    Besponder 10-40x50SFE now on ebay

    Way too much scope for me. As stated Besponder 10-40 X 50 scope illuminated recticle. This scope has never been mounted. This is a scope for someone more versed in long shots and calc tables I expect. I am more point and shoot. Anyone interested 90 or WHY Jim

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    Just put it on a 5 day listing on bay, starting at 49.00 worth more but just taking up drawer space here.
    Type in besponder scope and you will find it, cheers, Jim

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    I think the brand is Besonder, Jim you'll knacker any chance of a search having a result, Steve.

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    Cheers for that It won't let me change the title bar but I put in a correction in the added info. It is too much scope for me. I like to look in one end and pull the trigger. Not into dials and would not shoot as far as this thing cann see. Don't know where I found that p I was reading it of the instruction sheet as I wrote. Jim

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