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Thread: .308 reloading gear.

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    .308 reloading gear.

    100 new never fired lapua cases (have been primed with CCI primers, but can be deprimed if needed for post) 50 posted. Sold Pending

    Lee Deluxe edition 3 die set, Full length, neck size and seating dies, shell holder and dipper, brand new. 30 posted. Sold to Matthew.

    308 Modified Case for stoney point OAL gauge. 5 posted. Sold Pending

    2 boxes Nosler 150 grain ballistic tips (F2F) 25 each. Sold to Thomas pending the usual.

    1 Kg (full has been opened but none used) (F2F) Viht N140 60 Sold Pending

    For sale due to loss of job, Can meet locally or along m4 south wales to Swindon.
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    What part of South Wales mate?

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    PM sent for Lapua brass.

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    PM sent regarding dies.

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    PM replied to STAN

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    Good to meet up. I've PM'd you the shoot details.



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