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Thread: Advice please

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    Advice please

    Hello all.. first some background...
    I had a couple of days stalking with South Aysrhire stalking earlier this year using the estate rifle (didn't get a deer but that wasn't Chris's fault) got hooked and went and got my dsc1.
    I'm looking to get some stalking experience as well as gain some credibility for applying for a .308 rifle. I already have sgc and fac and currently am fox shooting. Can anyone advise me how to go about getting the above please. I live in central Scotland but I'd be happy to travel.
    Thanks in advance


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    Hi fraser

    I recon youve shown enough credibility achieving your level one

    Have a look through the stalking late availability as im sure Ian on the Achadunan Estate will also be able to help you..

    I had an amazing time on the hill with him

    No comments needed referance amazing time fester, wadas, jingzy or gez..



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    I cannot see that you need to exhibit any further credentials. You have an FAC and experience with a fox calibre. It is perfectly legit to want a deer calibre to take paid stalking even if you havent ground of your own. Given that you go foxing I would think it wouldnt be too tough to get deer added to one or other of your permissions. The main advice I would give would be for you to persue an open ticket and dont limit your options voluntarily.

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