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Thread: Sightron 8 x32x56

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    Sightron 8 x32x56

    As per title , LRTD /TD , used four times , .225 dot reticle, target knob, .125 MOA , comes with box and paperwork spotless condition, bought 5 months ago In Aimfield sports price 750.00 posted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tpentonkeeper View Post
    Hi ya mate y the sell

    tried putting this into google translate, but didn't come up with any suggestions

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    It's text speak, I'm used to it from my 12yr old daughter..... It means -

    "good morning my friend, pray tell why would you be considering selling said article,"

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    Hello sorry that was my fault as was writing it at same time as doing somethink eles! Please could you tell me why you are selling scope and abit about it!! I.e ages what crosshairs thanks

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    HA ha ha..ok now I get it! 'y' as in 'why'! LOL...

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    Ha ha yeah that right sorry! Could you tell me some more about this scope please and what ret his has??

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    .125 target reticle can't say any more than what's on top, as new

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