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Thread: Zeiss Rangefinder Binoculars

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    Zeiss Rangefinder Binoculars

    Has anyone had a chance to try out the new Zeiss Victory range finding binoculars available in 8 x 45 or 10 x 45 ?

    I have a pair of Zeiss Dialyt 7 x 42 binoculars which I bought nearly 20 years ago. They have been the best bit of kit I ever bought. Well worth saving for. I hope the new ones are as good.

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    I have used them. They were excellent in use but I found them to be an ackward shape and quite heavy. I also use a pair of dialyts in 7x42 and would not swap them.Let me know if you want to part with yours!

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    Lots of Leica's Geovids hanging off stalkers, now't wrong with Zeiss but do not see as many of them. 8)

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    In a word yes: had a pair of 10x45 to cf against a pair of 10x42 HD Leica's for a week in October.

    I purchased the Leica's as they were lighter and more erogonomic. Not much difference in the optics.

    If you want to know more then send me a PM with a contact no


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    I bought the 10x42 Geovid's, they are great in low light and the rangefinder is helpful as well, they are alot lighter than the Ziess and not so bulky! Albeit I'm sure the optics are just as good in the Ziess.


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    I was at a presentation by Zeiss UK's two main guys the other week and I have to say I was not that impressed, I was left with the impression that the company was going down the 'gadget' route rather than sticking with quality (before anyone asks, yes, I have two pairs of Zeiss binos). The company history part of the presentation was interesting but then it slipped into 'double-glazing' style sales pitch. At one point the guy was running down the US made Zeiss Conquest scopes and urgeing people to think very seriously before buying one! JC

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    Thanks for your replies.

    I am interested to know how the laser rangefinder performed at long range (1000+ yds). Is the Leica or Zeiss better at range finding?

    I also have a Leica 800 yard monocular rangefinder which has been able to return readings almost as far as 900 yards under ideal conditions. It would just be better to have the rangefinder and binoculars in one unit plus the longer range ability for target practice.

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    The technolgy in the hand held range finders is the same in the bino's, however the only plus I found with the Ziess is the range is estimated quicker than the Leica's, however you have to decide if you want quicker or compact and lighter as you will be carrying them about!

    Hence I bought the Leica's!


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    I reply to your question about 1,000+ yds it is difficult to say. I tried both but you do need to find a suitable reflective target. They are both comparable and at that range unless you are superman there are far more varriables to think about than the distance.

    When I had them I RF a magpie on a lawn at 457 yds and they both gave the same reading. The Zeiss is a one press operation with a nice round red target ring. THe Leica is a dual press with a small thick box.

    The best set up would be the Zeiss rangefinding laser set up in the Leica's.

    Zeiss allows you to switch from yards to metres where as the Leica is fixed.

    The balistic computer on the Zeiss is really a gimmic, it would be much better if you had the facility to programme in your rifles balistic data into the bins, then you would have a truely exceptional piece of kit.

    Optics are comparable and depends on your eyes.

    The Leica's controls are silky smooth but whilst the optics are excellent the laser function needs to be updated.

    I use a Leica microscope on a daily basis and although optics are good they are light years behind in ergonomics cf Olympus and Nikon. Its one of their major failings, they always lag the market. Pity Olympus dont make scopes and bins.

    I intend to write a full review but time is at aprimium at present. More than happy to provide more info if need be.


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