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Thread: Why is it......?

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    Why is it......?

    Time for a collection of rhetorical observations we encounter whilst out stalking I'm sure we can all relate to!

    I'll start it off..

    Why is it.......

    ......a single squirrel or pheasant can fill the forest with noise but a herd of fallow can materialise silently?

    .....after spending 3 hours motionless in a high seat in the cold is it always when you're halfway down the ladder that the deer appear?


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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post
    ......a single squirrel or pheasant can fill the forest with noise but a herd of fallow can materialise silently?
    Never a truer word written!! Worse still is to have stalked into the pheasant feeders at first light feeling all smug with yourself in anticipation of catching a couple of 'Sussex Donkeys' in the act of raiding them and then to see an ear twitch and a tail flick, look around and find you're surrounded by the buggers... like Ninja's these fallow!

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    .....that deer you have been glassing for the last half hour waiting for it to get light enough to shoot turns out to be a stump whereas the stump you dismissed turns into a deer?

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    ,or you always need a pi$$ just as its getting light or 5 mins before dark !

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    .....that lovely clear track the deer have cut through the cover you have decided to follow suddenly ends in impenetrable brambles!?

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    Before you shot the deer the extraction looked easy.

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    .....when the whole world is logically asleep, and it's just you the rabbits and the foxes mad enough to be out, some bugger appears from nowhere walking their dog in your lamp!!!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    ........ when you have finally caught up with that big Fallow buck you've been chasing for two years, just about to squeeze the trigger and your mobile rings. When normally your so careful to make sure it's turned off

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    ..... That there's no hint of you needing a dump when at your digs first thing in the morning, but you're touching cloth by the time you reach the top of the high seat !!!

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    .... the moment you look down to check your footing is when there's crashing through the coppice you'd been staring at!

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