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Thread: Permit for Transportion of a Firearm to UK

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    Permit for Transportion of a Firearm to UK

    I am retiring and moving to Scotland in June of 2014 - Tain area, if the house I have my eye is still avialable - and would like to transport my Rifle, Black Powder Pistol and Air Rifle as luggage, with me. I was told, by Mr. Mcloed, of Tain, that I could obtain a Visitor's Permit, which lasted one year, and this would allow me to do so. He said I could re-new this permit one time for an additional year.

    My only problem is, the e-mail address he gave me, for whatever reason, did not work.

    Could I trouble someone to give me a good, working, e-mail address where I can obtain the form(s) for doing so; or can I just get them from the local UK Consulant?

    The last thing I need is to pay a hefty fine or loose my rifle, all together.

    Thank you, in advance.

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    I would suggest you contact the local police HQ nearest to your destination for a BVP form or get your sponser to obtain one for you as he will need to complete some sections on it.

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    This site should give you all you need, scroll down to related documents and you'll find one there that can be saved as a .pdf file and printed.

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