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Thread: Reloading equipment

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    Reloading equipment

    RCBS .308 FL 2 piece die set. £25.00 - SOLD

    RCBS .243 neck-sizing dies, as new. £35.00 - SOLD

    RCBS .223 FL dies, 2 piece as new. £30.00

    Redding .223 WSSM 2 piece dies, as new. £30.00

    RCBS 5-0-5 scales, hardly used, in box. £80.00

    Lyman 1200 tumbler £40 - SOLD

    RCBS 10-10 scales. Scales are in excellent condition but plastic cover has been repaired. £100.00 -SOLD

    Sierra Infinity Exterior Ballistics Software £30.00

    DVD - "Accurate Re-loading Using RCBS Equipment". £15.00

    Lyman Micrometer, as new. £30.00

    Lyman case-neck ball micrometer. As new. £45.00

    RCBS 7m Rem mag 2 piece FL dies as new £30

    Lyman 55 powder dispenser £40

    Digital calipers as new £15
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    Can I please have this.
    RCBS stainless steel duel caliper case-length gauge. Used only once - still in box. £25.00

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    Are the .223 FL dies a set?
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    Yes please to the rcbs chamfer tool.


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    I'd like the Nosler manual please, how do I pay you?

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    Colonel - You have PM


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    Hi danny , sorry mate rcbs chamfer tool sold.

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    Is the Hornady manual still available?

    If so, please PM payment requirements.


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    RCBS 30-06 dies please if I'm not too late. Please. Pm me payment details.

    Discretion assured
    - call us anytime, free on 0800 689 0857

    please visit our web site:
    http://uksha1 or find us on facebook
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    Could I have the Lyman Case-neck ball micrometer.


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