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Thread: hatsan semi auto pistol grip buttstock help...

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    hatsan semi auto pistol grip buttstock help...

    hello and sorry if in the wrong section trying to find on line a replacement pistol grip buttstock for a hatsan escort semi but nothing so far. ..can any body thinking Benelli M4 style for my 8 shot...cheers guys...

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    They are available here, and Canadian dealers will mail to the UK no problem. I will find out who has them and PM you the details. Do you want the fixed or collapsable stock ?


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    I think it might have to be fixed stock. Not sure though

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    hi alberta boy...the fixed stock would be the one....i can get an ATI stock but not paying 150 for one...cheers guys.

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    I've found the distributor and e-mailed him as to price etc, I should have an answer for you tonight. And yes, 150 quid does seem excessive !! I'll send you a PM tonight, actually, your tommorrow, I'm 7 hours behind you lol


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    Did you get sorted? I put a Hatsan MPA pistol grip stock on my escort. Got my local gun shop to order it from Edgars. Got it in a couple of weeks and about 40 (ish).

    Just a thought. Some piccies of it on here somewhere with a red dot on...

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