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Thread: looking for some driven boar !

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    looking for some driven boar !

    some friends and i are looking for a boar hunting trip , anyone recomend a company to go with ? looking for a long weekend before i get hitched and the shackles are on !

    any info would be grand

    cheers lee

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    i have just got back from Croaita with basswood sporting 13 guns shot 20 pigs in 3 days
    i shot 2 around 100-1200 kg there were also 2 possible bronze medals as well .


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    I go with Basswood as well.
    Went early November, not a lot of pigs shot but with only ten guns and the weather against us we did well with only nine.
    The whole trip is an experience that I can recommend to anybody.
    I am off again this Thursday so not only do I recommend it, I put my money where my mouth is too.
    You may be unlucky with him this year but it is still worth getting in touch through his web site, Basswood Sporting Agency
    E-mail Address(es):

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