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Thread: 6.5x55 Redding Die Set

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    6.5x55 Redding Die Set

    I have for sale an almost brand new Redding Type 'S' Match Bushing 2 Die set in 6.5x55 caliber.
    Used for approximately 50 rounds only, for load development, so immaculate condition.

    The set consists of :-

    1 x Type 'S' Bushing Full Length Sizing Die
    1 x Competition Seating Die
    1 x Bushing

    This is the Die Set

    I will also throw in a 3/4 full tub of Viht N160.

    All for the bargain price of 150 including postage!

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    Tikka, I have this mate.

    Speak later re payment if that is ok.

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