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Thread: Which bib & brace

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    Which bib & brace

    Hi Guys,
    Who can recommend a decent bib and brace for stalking, h/seat etc.
    They all seem to be too long in the leg for my podgy frame.
    Cheers Steve.

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    Browning do a tan heavy duty Bib and brace with a blaze orange waistcoat but they are big made so a US large is really for a monster here.

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    iv got the deerhunter rusky bib can get hot if walking in them . I used to have a west German tank suit christ that was warm

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    Deerhunter Rusky, very warm and quiet, excellent for high seat. I walked about six hundred yards to my high seat, took it steady and kept the top unbuttoned and was ok. Energetic walking would soon get very warm. I am very pleased with mine for high seat use.

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    I agree the rusky stuff works well as long as you are in a seat or be prepared to sweat alot

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    Check out Cabelas, great choice and a few on a "special" at the moment.
    I bought a set of Cabelas own thinsulate coveralls years ago, and they still look almost new and keep me toastie.

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    Anyone got experience of the Swedteam Arktis ones? They look decent and maybe just not as heavy as the Rusky?

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    I have a swazi bib, its the most waterproof item of clothing I own.

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    Thanks for the help Guys It looks like Rusky is top of the list going to gun shop this weekend to try fit.

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    Think OUTSIDE the deer tsalking box! Try fisherman's bib and brace such as Vision and others. I have a Vision with the bib and brace and the Vision jacket in fact. Waterproof with re-inforced knees and seat...remember I'll be far more active, wearing my arse out, in a rowing boat that just sat in a high seat. So the seat on these fisherman's bib and brace are very hard wearing. Or look at Hardy and Grey's and etc., etc..

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