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Thread: First Munty...

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    First Munty...

    I was out yesterday morning to try and bag my first Munty! and ended up shooting two "happy days" Tricky wee bxxxxxs to stalk, but really good fun.

    What was noted though is how easy they are to extract, a wee bit easier than dragging Sika about the place.

    Defo give it another shot. Here is a pic of the buck I shot

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_0697.JPG  
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    Congratulations, nice little buck there. Now that said, you can't just post a picture of a shot muntjac. You have to tell the tale, spin the yarn!

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    Well done Allan did you sqeek him with the Buttolo.


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    Well done mate they are stunning little beasts aren't they congrats bazil

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    Well done,nice write up and photo,nice gallery

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    Congratulations a very nice Muntjac there; I only ever see small boys so its nice to know the bigger fella's exist somewhere hahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbo 30 06 View Post
    Well done Allan did you sqeek him with the Buttolo.

    No Jim spotted him of the side of a track feeding.

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    Well done on your munties

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    Congrats on opening the account!

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