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Thread: Saddler

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    Can anybody make contact with him to say is inbox must be full, regards swaro

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    You can always contact him at
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    he has been away. could always email him quickly.

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    i have emailed him twice on the 6.8spc subject
    he is obviously bizzy or away ??

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    Ive sent him 2 cases to make into modified cases, was wondering when I would expect them biggy, atb swaro

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    He is traveling and will be back this week. I don't think he has Internet connection.

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    He's just back from a military fair in Sweden, spoke to him earlier today and meeting up on Saturday.
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    Concerned about Saddler

    In the past 2 weeks I`ve sent 5/6 emails to Saddler`s box on this site ( always shows exceeded limit ) and, 5 emails to his own web site " NO REPLIES"

    This is the 3rd time I`ve put a post up to try and find him through the forum with no success

    Just wondered if I`ve been had and he`s done a bunk ????


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    I had a mail through from him yesterday about 5pm re a question I sent ages back so is about...

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    Spoke to him today,he did say he needed to catch up on emails !!!
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