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Thread: Mouflon and chamois in croatia.

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    Mouflon and chamois in croatia.

    I am organising a trip for the above.
    I will talk and finalise this when over there next month.
    What would be nice is to know how many would be interested in going over there to try.
    I cannot put a price down yet as it depends on group size. This will be small as it will be guided 1-1.
    Access may be quite good onto the hills as I have reconned 1 region this may and there is a transmitter mast and access road so much of the work could be taken out if needed.
    This will however not be a package price as it will depend on size of trophy required and secured.
    Flights and cost of living are however cheap compared to much of Europe.

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    Could be interested ,depends on trophy fee,s, as you say cost of living cheap, so should
    be trophy fees ,depends on how many are getting a cut.

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    They are expensive where ever you shoot them, trophy fees seem very expensive when compared to say deer. They are limited numbers culled and the high ground makes them worthy of a place on the wall. Even in parks they are very expensive. I really am not so sure why they seem fairly plentiful. We have some prices and it depends on the area hunted as to what you pay, I will discuss this face to face with our man and get the answers next month.

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    I'd be interested in knowing what the costs would be. It's on my to do list it just depends on the cost as to when I could afford it.

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    Depends when and probability ?
    pm sent

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    id be interested depending on dates and costs

    whats minimum caliber requirement?
    Official Sponsor to Team GB F Class

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    this is better done as bespoke or small a group. We have access to wonderful mountain backdrops near on the Adriatic coast as well as other areas. ill reply to pms now.

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    Spoke to our man and .243 is fine, he can do mouflon hunt by day and jackal at night if you want more memories.

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    we now have prices for this year.
    depending on trophy and what you want also how many days you care to hunt.
    pm me for a quote.
    be southern Croatia/Dalmatia.
    flying to Split.

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    we now have an option for bulgaria too, it miht be cheaper depending what you want.

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