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Thread: knife wanted

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    knife wanted

    hi,any of you fella,s got a decent knife that you want to flog,the old one that i bought on flea bay seems to be well past it,s best,can,t seem to get it to take a decent edge,
    thanks the scudd

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    scud,try ash 243 he does the clipper knife with leather sheath for a decent price.the knife,s not bad either.

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    Hi Mate
    I have a rubber handled Buck knife with ballistic nylon sheath you can have for£30
    Cheers Geordie

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    Thought you would have been inundated there scudd...

    Theres more than a few on here with one between the shoulder blades..

    As said above mate you wont go wrong with ash


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    Here is one of mine, and I know Malcolm has one the same, but with his name on,

    That nice man legaleagle, and the fragrant Fran of course, presented them to us. He knows where to get these, exclusively


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    Hello scudd

    Can do this Allan Wood semi skinner for £150.00 + postage

    Max. Now Sold

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    hi,thanks for the offers but my old knife has been given a new lease of life.that nice lad on this site mcstalk took it and put an edge on it thats so sharp you could shave with it,cheers

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