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Thread: Threading R8 barrels

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    Threading R8 barrels

    I have been offered a 7mm barrel for my R8 at a good price. Hardly used but its not screwcut for a moderator....... I seem to remember once upon a time someone saying that Blaser barrel steel is a bu**er to work with as its particularly hard. Anyone else heard this as I 'd be looking to get the barrel threaded.....


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    Blaser barrels are hard.

    They can be screw cut, but tooling suffers somewhat….

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    Thanks for the response. Will see if i can find an unsuspecting 'smith somewhere......

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    Try here, he has experience in them.

    Rifle Barrel Threading from Turnright Galloway

    see his references, lots of blaser experience from Alan Rhone

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    You might try Brock and Norris. mike did an excellent job on my M03 which is made of the same stuff as the R8. It was hard on the tools and took time and care. Excellent


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    Just of interest what is the 7 mm. Is it a 7x64 or 57

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    Thanks for all the answers and advice- sounds like its doable. The barrel is a 7x64. Slightly obscure I know but I love the European calibers and its a great all-round cartridge.

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    bit of treaded rod, drill a hole through it and weld on. jobs a good un

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    Be interested in a 7x64 myself for my r8, I have a 7x57 custom sako but wanted a 7 mm for the Blaser if you see another let me know please

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