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Thread: Muntjac highway!!

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    Muntjac highway!!

    Was out earlier checking out a small area of land I've been asked to trim up the Munties on and to see where I can position a highseat and found the Muntjac version of the M25 and spagetti junction!!

    As you can see there are definite trails and little prints all along them!!

    I counted 10 individual trails all meeting

    They converge and narrow to this crossing point then off into a 2nd field where I aim to site a seat as that's where the real damage to the young trees are being caused.

    Following on from another thread I get the feeling even with my inexperience that there is more than 1 buck and a couple of does knocking around this teritory!!
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    looking good..... but you know what will happen.... put your high seat up and they will vanish!!!

    good hunting
    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Yeah...I have used this kind of pictures to convince a farmer that he really, really needed to give me permission. Only to have blank after blank after blank stalking there

    Good luck anyway!
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    Just remember survey,survey, survey before you even take a shot. It is all to easy to over cull. However always remember that you must do what the landowner wants or he will find someone else instead.
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    Hi Stratts,

    I have just picked up 500 acres of similar ground, but in three lots all belonging to the same farmer and near to my present lease for CWD.
    The only problem with this type of ground is that the farmer does not own the surrounding woodland, and although there are Muntjac slots everywhere they still prefer the thick cover and tend to stay in it most of the time. They also do not like strong cold breeze or wind and this will keep them in cover and not out on the open fields.

    However first night I did take a doe CWD with a client, so its not all bad. Place your high seats well and also check what crops are going in this coming year.

    Good luck
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    Further to sikamalc's comment regarding crops; if there is to be a field of carrots in the vicinity then that will be an odds-on good bet. Muntjac love carrots and so do CWD, given half a chance.

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    Cheers guys it's a bit of a funny one this as it's not farmland, although there are a couple of fields adjacent and a long spinney where I've seen them mooching around. Can't go into more detail of location unfortunately.

    It is more a case of recreational ground for me and I haven't been asked to exterminate them, just trim the numbers and provide some for the pot so to speak. I'm in a lucky position in that there will be no real pressure and it is across the road from my main 1000 acre land.

    It's also nice because I can put a highseat up and leave it there and take my kids to observe the wildlife and teach them the ropes when they are old enough,

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    Not wanting to throw a spanner in the works but those runs look very like badger runs to me. Although, I bet muntjac will use them as crossing between woods.

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    Definite on Badger

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