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Thread: Sako .123gr load data

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    Sako .123gr load data

    anyone know the load data for sako 123gr


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    I got it by googling" ballistic data sako"
    But.......the results i get on the range arent the same as on the readout!
    Good accurate round though in my opinion.



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    be interested to know what you found on the range and what rifle you have?



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    that sounds great I have mine a 1" high at 100m and the range here on the isle of wight is 100m max. so I will set up some targets on my stalking ground next time I have a chance! are you using sako 124gr.. my tikka T3 is also cut to 19"


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    Just re read your thread again.. so the bullet is still rising at 400yrds! what did you zero at?

    what size target / diamond is it?

    100yds...grouped 3 shots nicely just below the middle of the diamond
    200yds.....grouped 3 shouts just above the middle of the diamond
    300yds.... fired 2 shots both .5" above the line and in the diamond
    400yds....fired 2 shots,1 bang on the point of diamond and 1 just outside.

    this sound like very flat shooting...


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    The load data for sako 123 grain gamehead is 47.8gn n140 achieving 925 m/s (3034 fps)
    Trajectory is in cm.
    50 =0.4

    My own 125gn ballistic tips shoot faster and flatter and will be 1.2 high at 100, 1 low at 200, 7 low at 300, 24 low at 400 when zeroed at 185 yards.

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    2 very different results.. I need to get to a range which has 200m and 300m



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    went to bisley on the 300 yrd range with computer system.

    150gr H/L
    bull @ 100m
    -461mm @ 300yrds

    Sako 123gr (gamehead)
    + 15mm @ 100m
    - 84mm @ 300yrds

    I been to do some more testing with the Sako as the first 2 shots on the 150gr went so low on the target I got a call on the bisley radio and was to adjust my m.o.a.. so I had to click up 5 clicks then 10 clicks.. so I have had to fire the sako on my own 50m range with it 10 clicks up then do the maths. it all looks right but be nice to go back to a 300yrd with the rifle 1" high at 100m and see were I am at 200 and 300


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