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Thread: Gralloching a Whale

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    Gralloching a Whale

    could of been nasty

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    I've got a mate who grallochs deer like that.

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    It might take more than a swish of jeyes fluid to have that smelling fresh

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    Shoulda bought a tripe knife
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    I my day thats where we stood the new lad....

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    you could say he had a whale of a time

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    I saw a few Cows do that during the Foot & Mouth outbreak while working for the MHS in an incinerator ......not nice,but a lot worse for the 3 steel erectors that were there to extend the barn where the cattle cadavers were laid out,I noticed a small tear in the hide just before the grab on the fork truck got a hold of it so stepped backwards into my small corrugated iron sentry type box just as it exploded all over them in their nice white vests....muscled glistening in the sun and dripping with the contents of a(possibly)6 week dead cow.......Ooh er!


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    that could have been legend if the guy was doing it with a frosts clipper

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