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Thread: Swarovski Habitch

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    Swarovski Habitch

    Just found 6 X 42 Swarovski Habitch for 150 . This scope was made probably in the 80,s and has a steel body. I have bought this. Will I regret it. It will be the only chance I have to own a Swarovski.

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    Possibly if its neither of a 1" or 30mm main tube.


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    Provided the internals and glass are ok, I'd say your onto a winner.
    Over the years many a deer have fallen from being in the cross hairs
    of a "Nova" I presume that's what it is anyways !

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    If it's a Nova, you could not get a better 'scope. I've got 4 and they've never let me down. My first rifle was a 700 BDL bought in the early '70s and it still wears its original Nova 6X42, no problems with it at all over all those years. I expect your scope will be a 26mm tube so you may have to look around for mounts.
    Other than that, well done on getting one of the best woodland stalking scopes on the market.

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    If it is a 26 mm tube and your mounts are inch mounts don't worry. You can use an inch piece of doweling wood and fine grit sand paper and just open up the diameter of the mounts by 0.6 mm. It's no hardship!!!

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    thanks guys, I will put it on my 30-06

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    Well, if for any reason you regret it there's 150 waiting here....
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    Sounds like you got a good deal! (You would not believe the price of optics over here!)

    Enjoy it!

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    If like mine the surface is wearing thin make sure it is dry when put away or it will get pinhead rust spots. As for the business end brilliant. Got an 8x56 on my .223 but I prefer the 6x42. Best mag for under 150m by far.

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    bought one off here for 175 last year and sold it again. have to admit, whilst the optics were fine, I did not like the way it tracked when zeroing, nor did I like the turret adjustors, they were very flimsey and lose and I would did not have the level of trust in them that I get from zeiss.

    one of the same reasons I sold my S&B, poor tracking and adjustment scales.

    zeiss on the other hand, you need to move the bullet 10cm, you move 10 clicks, and it's BANG ON, every time.

    mind you, had I not been a stickler for needing to have a deep inherent trust in my gear, I expect the nova would have been a keeper

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