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Thread: Vanguard Quest B62 bipod

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    Vanguard Quest B62 bipod

    Has anyone any info on how good or bad you find these. Ready for some new ones unsure whether to purchase bipod or quad sticks

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    I have just got the tripod vanguard quest b62 its very solid had a play with one in the shop as mine has gone to santa they have the tripods at swillington not sure if they have the bipod you would have to ring them

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    I use the Vanguard T62u - Excellent

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    Just sold my tripod on here. Now use quads. Under a fiver to make. B&Q 1800mm x 20mm x20mm four of, pack of kitchen unit joining screws. Drill in the right place and put in strings to fit your rifle. Job done.

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    I've got the T62 but don't use the third screw on leg very often, wish I'd just got the B62 really, it's pretty good but sometimes I find the legs push in a bit making it uneven.



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    I note they B38 have a strap, that may provide more stability, but is it needed, it looks a pain to stalk with.


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