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Thread: Dont look back!

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    Dont look back!

    With a shoot day fast approaching I went to Peter Theobald’s farm this evening as he had seen a fox early this morning…
    The cloud cover was spot on but with not a breath of wind it would be our undoing if we were not carful…
    I set up on my quad sticks and called for a couple of minuets and PT flicked the lamp on…the fox stopped in its tracks and my gun was facing the other way.
    Of went the light and a nudge in the ribs so I lifted the gun and sticks around, by this time the fox had backed tracked close to the hedge so it was know or never to rely on there habit of that last look….and he did…smacked him broadside at 200 yards.
    Very heavy dog fox with a weight closer to 30 lbs than 25!!
    A tour of the land showed no eyes from any more calling…
    Home by 9 for a cupper and my shoot date invite for the 14th confirmed.


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    Nice one, after one at the moment about the same size had the crosshair on it a couple of times but no safe shot

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