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Thread: griffin vs otterbox vs lifeproof

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    griffin vs otterbox vs lifeproof

    Right, I've finally entered the modern world and bought an iphone!
    There appear to be a few tough cases on the market and I'm wondering which would be the best choice to suit a stalker's lifestyle?
    Anyone had any good or bad experience with any of the 3 I've found?

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    Griffin Survivor has protected mine for the last 10 months. The grinding dust in the forge is always a problem with magnetic mikes and speakers and it has kept that out so far. I have dropped it a few times and it just bounced.

    One disadvantage is that the soft rubber clings to your shirt pocket and makes it difficult to get out in a hurry. This "feature" becomes an advantage however when you lean over the edge of a parapet and it does not fall out! Also good for preventing it sliding off the dashboard or whatever in the car.

    The other disadvantage is that when I compare a beautiful slinky state of the art slimline iPhone with my chunky rubber brick my aesthetic sensibilities are somewhat disturbed!


    p.s. just looked at the Lifeproof one you mentioned and that looks very good. The Griffin Survivor is water resistant but not waterproof. I wonder how they get the sound in and keep the water out?
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    I bought the Griffin Survivor for my iphone 4S used it for a couple of months and took it off as I found it too bulky and awkward (sticky). I now use a Griffin soft gel type case with a thin plastic screen protector, never had any problems.


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    Wife had an otter box on her last I phone, was bombproof but a little bulky.

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    Lifeproof for me, I changed from an otter box as it was letting dust in.
    The lifeproof is waterproof too. I have tested it.

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    I use a otterbox, as mention above, they are bulky, but i find its a good case, I have dropped mine quite a few times, with no problems

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    I just put it on silent and slip it in my inside pocket?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Mick, this is the best case out there! Better than my last Tank that I broke!


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    Hi mick +1 on the otter box fantastic I fell in a deep stream just after I got my iPhone I know the OB int waterproof but it did stop the phone from any damage, I looked on eBay most of them were £30+ but got mine at£19 what a bargain you wont go wrong with one bazil
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    Had the Griffin, was very good but bulky and sticky in pocket, changed to Lifeproof, while a lot slimmer than the Griffin, it doesn't take the knocks as well. My case (now 15 months old) has seal exposed from edge falling off and the screw in plugs for the speaker / phones jack is knackered too.

    Both cases have saved the phones they were protecting and paid for themselves many times over - I have a pretty physical day job and the phone gets used all the time and knocked about in the 4wd and when dealing with "customers"

    I'll be trying the Taktick next, as I'm due an upgrade soon...

    Unless of course theres a british version made of oak and leather, with provenance, not produced my new fangled mass production machines and crafted under a new moon by an alchemist inscribed with a P and H on his left testicle…..

    This is made in an attempt at humour, please take it that way..
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