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Thread: My First Red Stag

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    My First Red Stag

    In mid October I was lucky enough to take my first Red stag. Me and my dad met the stalker about 20 past six and he drove us out onto the hill. We stopped along the track at several points to have a glass and see if there was anything about. At the top of the track we stopped and spotted a stag about 600 yards away in the bottom of a burn. Me and the stalker got out quietly and quickly made our way to the top of the little cliff above the burn but he wasnt there any more. We walked along the top of the cliffy thingamyjig then spotted him, still in the burn but away up the hill. We dropped into the burn and stalked uptowards him. At this point another stag came trotting across the hillside infront of us. We stopped and watched him go at a leisurley pace, cursing the fact that we were only 20 yards from a shootable possision and if we moved we'd be stuffed. We waited till he dropped into the place the first stag was then proceeded up towards them. However when we got there, there were no stags... We decided to follow them up the hill onto a massive plateau, covered in hags and ruts and ponds and all things muddy. We walked across the ground, dodging hags and beginning to give up hope. We then saw very fresh tracks in the frozen crust of the mud and followed them as best we could. We came over a little rise to find the stags sparring 30 yards infront of us.We stopped and droped down into a deep hag and crawled (cold and wet) around to a the other side of a small pond which was inbetween us and the stags. We crawled the last 20 meters on our bellys on to a mound and set the rifle up. I got comfortable and watched them spar, waiting for them to stop and turn broadside. They suddenly started to trot away. The stalker said " Ill roar and if one stops pin him" He roared and they both stopped. One facing directly away from us and another quatering away from us. "Through the shoulder" said the stalker. I lined up the crosshairs and squeezed the trigger. The stag stumbled forwards and ran.The shot looked good.But then both stags stopped and stood still. Give him another said the stalker so I fired, the stag stumbled a few steps the fell into a rut. We waited for him to expire then went to find him. One hour later still no stag. I phoned my dad and he brought the dog up. Another hour and wahey! A stag!. He'd gone down in the thinnest, deepest and almost certainly the only rut we didnt check. His body was barely able to fit in it. We dragged him out and had a look. My first shot was a bit low and hitting him in the brisket. Second one was bang on the shoulder just clipping the heart and taking out both lungs. We took a few photos, gralloched himand went back to get the argo. I was abit dishearted by his first shot but it was the first deer I have shot in a 'its now or never situation' also he was about 120 for the first and 150 for the second and the stalker said it was fine.So thats my fourth deer shot. Easily the best stalk Ive done.Click image for larger version. 

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    Well done on your first red stag, nice write up thanks for sharing.

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    Well done lad. Thanks for sharing with us. What rifle , cal. etc. did you use? I like 30-06 for the stags. Happy hunting

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    The rifle was a Tikka M595 in .270, T8 mod, Schmidt and Bender scope.

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    Well done and thanks for taking the time to write it up and share. Do that every stalk and you'll have a good game book to look back on one day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Euan Tomes View Post
    The rifle was a Tikka M595 in .270, T8 mod, Schmidt and Bender scope.
    Exelent combination that would do most things anywere.

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    Well done ,lets hope first of many , i bet you were shacking like a leaf leading upto the shot , one to rember for a long time !

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    well done buddy. FWIW, I missed the first stag I ever shot at,then nailed him with the 2nd. it's a big experience that gets the nerves and blood pumping!

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    Excellent read and well done on your first stag! great area too!



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