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Thread: rifles for shotgun

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    rifles for shotgun

    hello all,

    I have a urge for a very nice 410 or 28 bore O/U shotgun and what I would like to do is swap 3 rifles depending what the shot gun is ??? but here is what I would deal with which are all my own.

    Custom made on a ruger no1 action 6mm br it has a super match grade pacnor blued barrel fitted and it the same profile as a light sporter, case hardened lever ,hand made scope bases with talley mounts and lovely piece of would which really is set of with the side panel scallop.
    it has shot no more than 60 rds from new.
    work was done by neil mckillop and ron Wharton

    Mauser 66 in 308 which is in mint condition and comes with scope mount rail.

    Remington 700 in 308 model PSS in a aics green folding stock and spare black panels with extended bolt knob, AI rail and nightforce 30mm mounts all this was bought new and is in very good-mint condition. This rifle is the most accurate factory rifle I have owned , I only ever shot lapua factory through it.

    so if all or any take your fancy and you have something I might like please send me a pm with details.

    regards chris
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    Nobody interested in a deal before Christmas.

    regards chris

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    Hi... i have a EELL 28 but enuff rifles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by red-dot View Post
    hi... I have a eell 28 but enuff rifles.
    are you sure !!!!!! Lol

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    Like a latex doll..

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    Coming out my ears...

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