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Thread: Norma 232g Vulcan 9.3 x 74 Powder

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    Norma 232g Vulcan 9.3 x 74 Powder

    Evening Chaps,
    Anybody have any idea which powder Norma use for this Cartridge.
    I have existing rounds so I can work out the weight needed but not the powder.
    since this is for a side by side double I want to replicate the Factory loading as near as possible.
    Many thanks in advance,

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    Is the rifle regulated for 232 gr bullets or 286's. I'm not being patronizing, but I helped a friend develope a load for his Franz Sodia ( I hope I spelled it correctly ) in 9.3 x 74 using 270 gr Speers. It was also a double, but was regulated for 286 gr bullets. We eventually got it figured out, but it was a lot of work.

    Actually, I'll phone Fred and see if he has some data for you. He's been using this calibre for over 30 yrs and has extensive experience with it. I'll talk to him and PM any relevant data to you.

    Later , AB

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    Thanks Alberta Boy,
    Yes it is regulated for 232g Norma Vulcan ammo that's why I'm trying to find out what powder Norma use.
    Obviously it is easier to try and replicate the load it is regulated for rather than send the rifle back to be regulated for another round.
    Thanks for your reply and if your friend knows what powder Norma use it would be a great help.

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    Why not just look here

    The only problem that you will have is getting Norma powders in this country as they haven't been imported for a number of years now.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I'm sure that they would be using one of their own powders but I have done a little bit of replicating factory loads, most recently 7mm Rem mag 140gr TSX Norma factory actually.
    What I did was strip a round and weigh the powder then look to their own data and find the correct powder that they used. In my case they had it loaded to the Max load for their own data but it might be 0.5 to 1 grain lighter depending on how they load it in my experience. Now I have no access to Norma powder so I had to find an equivalent powder, after consulting the burn rate chart I settled to looking at 4 powders in the same area. Next I had to consult quite a few loading manuals to find a similar load to the original. You are aiming for muzzle velocity, powder weight and load density that is similar to the factory load (the last will be quite important for the long 9.3x74r) if you can find something similar in a load manual you're probably on the right track.
    Make sure to note you're muzzle velocity with a chrono and keep a target with a few shots at the regulated distance for reference when comparing your own loads, also note the order in which you fire as doubles can move the shot slightly depending on the order of fire.

    I would guess that from the Norma data that something in the Reloader 15 to 19 range might be ok but you will need to be vigilant and very careful as no powder can fully substitute another. There is a book called "Shooting the British double rifle" that is very good at plainly pointing out how to load for doubles when no factory ammo exists and how to duplicate the original loads so as to keep the rifle in regulation, I think it even has some data on the 9.3x74r I'll try and dig it out if you need anymore help.



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    Thanks 8x57 and Snagman,
    Obviously I will have to start putting rounds through the chrono to get it right.
    it does surprise me that Norma sell the bullet heads but don't supply the reloading data.
    Thanks again,
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    You say that Norma sells the bullets Guy, I take it that you were able to order some through RUAG and a local dealer or was it from Midway?

    I can understand them not sharing the actual load data because factory ammo will normally be loaded towards the top end and they have total control of all the components when loading in the factory. However if a reloader decided to substitute components then that could be a whole different ball game. It's just a matter of liability really.

    You mention that you have a side by side, it wouldn't happen to be a Chapuis would it because I have one of these in 9.3x74r. If it is a Chapuis and it shoots like mine you won't have any difficulty developing a suitable substitute load for it. My rifle seems to regulate fairly well with almost all loads that I have put through it. I just wish that my 8x57irs over and under (Zoli) was the same, that is an absolute nightmare to develop loads for where both barrels produce an acceptable single group at 50 metres. I usually get good groups from both barrels but the group from the bottom barrel is almost always low and right of that from the top barrel yet I know that when using factory 196 grn Norma Oryx ammo it will produce a single 45mm group at 50 metres. Initially I tried duplicating the factory load for that but hit the same snag as you with regard to Norma powders.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Snagman it sounds easy when you put it like that. In fact the way that you describe is exactly how I have been doing it for a few years now in an effort to find a "duplicate load" for my 8x57irs over and under.

    It can be a bit frustrating though as bullets are not that common in gun shops in 8mm and data in this country on the 8x57irs isn't that forthcoming, though I do have a much better grasp of the situation than I did initially. I must have put quite a few hundred rounds down range and over the chronagraph with this rifle in an effort to find the magic load that matches factory ammo yet is cheap to reload. It's been an interesting project so far that I am sure will continue to amuse me for some time to come. That's the joy of reloading for a double I suppose. LOL

    I have looked at the book you mention several times and have been sorely tempted to buy a copy but that would be cheating, it would probably spoil my whole enjoyment of experimenting with different loads in this calibre. LOL I suppose I will relent one day and actually buy a copy especially if I see it at a discounted price somewhere, I am after all a bit of a tight arse. What my father used to refer to as a Welsh Jew.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    can you not develop loads for the top barrel and loads for the bottom barrel in the same way you match POI for loads of different charge/bullet in a single barrel?

    might be a pain but if it is proving tricky to get one load that shoots well out of both it could be easier to find one that shoots well out of one and another that does the same

    I would really like to get hold of some Norma components

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    No Brewsher I wouldn't want to mess about with different loads for different barrels as that would only lead to confusion.

    I do have couple of loads that work, the one is a 220 grn Sierra Gameking bullet for boar and the other is a 175 grn Hornady S.P. for deer. The boar loads will produce converging groups from the separate barrels at 50m that are quite acceptable but not quite as good as the 196 Oryx factory load, I know that this load works because I have used it.
    The deer load produces 1" or slightly less groups at 100 yards from the top barrel and I zero my scope for this. Unfortunately the two groups from the two barrels are slightly apart at 50m so I would limit any second barrel shot to 50m or less. I simply normally use the rifle as a single shot rifle when deer stalking. I am fortunate in that this rifle has a selective trigger hence using the top barrel first with the scope for distance because the barrel is closer to the scope as opposed to the normal arrangement of shooting the lower barrel first.

    P.S. I only use this rifle in woodland where distances will be 100 yards at most.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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