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Thread: dsc1 at cirencester passed

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    dsc1 at cirencester passed

    many thanks to paul of corinium rifle range and his missus for the fabulous cakes .certificate finally arrived after much nail chewing. shouldnt have doubted myself .very clear instruction ,good crew of like minded peeps and the blaser was a stunning piece of kit

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    Good on you!

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    Well done fella, congratulations. Corinium is just down the road and with whom I'm looking to do my DSC1 in February. Great to hear another's testimony.

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    Always a pleasure guys and many thanks for the endorsement TB. The next course will be 22nd - 24th February 2014.

    Come and visit us for a Blaser or Mauser fitting, get the right rifle for your needs.

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    thanks gents soon as the wildfowling stops get my but out after muntys.missus is partial to venison and now ive got no excuses

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    Well done feller, just doing my mocks now before taking the ride next year
    very well done again

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